GDPR set
for Dynamics 365

Meet the complex requirements of the GDPR thanks to Netwise dedicated GDPR module
The GDPR fundamentally redefines the relationship between companies and individuals, giving individuals the right to control their personal data, including the right to access, correct, and delete data. Companies which collect personal data are required to obtain consent, manage data in accordance with strict guidelines, and respond to requests from data subjects in a timely manner.

GDPR compliance can be a challenge for companies, particularly for those who serve customers both inside and outside the EU/EEA. Thankfully, Netwise is here to help.

Wherever you are, if you serve customers from EU or EEA you have to follow the rules of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

What Netwise GDPR is?

Consent database - The consent database system provides consistent and centralized information on the data collection and processing activities each customer has consented to. The GDPR module allows you to download and update a consent history for each customer. It also makes it easy to manage which consent forms and options are available to customers.

Data management (access, segmentation, removal) –The Netwise GDPR module allows you to organize data in individual CRM fields into predefined categories. This makes it easy to ensure GDPR compliance while organizing metadata in various areas of the CRM system, enabling proper data analysis.

Data anonymization – The Netwise GDPR customization package allows for partial or full anonymization of end customer data. Your Dynamics 365 system can be supplemented with new security roles and mechanisms, thanks to which customer data will remain anonymous, e.g. after the end of cooperation.

The “right to be forgotten” – According to the GDPR, every data subject has the ‘right to be forgotten.’ Every time an individual provides specific consent, such consent must be registered and stored. When details change and the data subject is asked to update their consent, all archived data are also updated by the system.

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