CTI - Focus Telecom for Dynamics 365

Cloud Contact Center integration for your CRM.

Effective customer service thanks to multi-channel approach.

NETWISE CTI is module which integrate Focus Telecom with you CRM system based on Dynamics 365.

Why Netwise CTI?

Information about clients, contacts orders history and actual cases available at the moment after receiving the phone call.

All data about client are in one place thanks to what agent do not have to switch between applications to find information.

Multichannel data integration – incoming calls, outgoing calls, chats and SMS.

Netwise CTI module allows to work in Dynamics 365 while phone calls by Focus Telecom.



Easier identification important information about caller thanks to friendly interface
Improvement of consultant effectiveness thanks to customer service aprocess automatization
Better control over communication with client
Permanent Improvement communication quality thanks to call recording
Clients satisficed since first contact

Making and receiving call in CRM system interface by one-click


Netwise CTI dla Dynamics 365

Notification for consultant before and after call

Access to reporting call: data and time of call, notes, recording with playing option

Access to shopping history and important information about client while the call

Automatic registration of phone call activities and messages in CRM system

NETWISE CTI has come to being in result of cooperation the most-awarded CRM integrator in Europe – Netwise with Focus Telecom – leader of providers software to management of multichannel communication for business.


for who?

Selling department

Marketing department

Customer Service department

Complaint department

In the digital and still growing competition age marketing activities have to react to customer behavior in based on precision data. Our solution gives the opportunity to work this way and creates new trends in digital transformation and communication process with clients in business.


Business Solutions Director
focus telecom

The most important feature of applications, programs and software which we deliver for our clients is high level of utility. They change businesses not on paper but in real life. I’m so proud that in effect of cooperation with Focus Telecom we can share the technology which is real support in every day work routine for departments of sale, customer service or marketing.


Chief Growth Officer

The most-awarded Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrator in Europe. What distinguishes Company among other is realizing of „tailor-made” projects – fully tailored to the client’s needs, as well as full customer support in new products implementation.


Najczęściej nagradzany integrator systemów CRM opartych na Dynamics 365 w Europie. Spółkę wyróżnia realizowanie projektów „szytych na miarę” – w pełni dostosowanych do potrzeb Klienta jak również pełne wsparcie Klientów w procesie wdrażania nowych rozwiązań.